ASTC Fall Review, DISKCON USA 2011 and Conference

October 18 – 20 will be the most important days of 2011 for the HDD industry. ASTC’s Fall Review (members only) and the 25th Anniversary of the DISKCON USA Show and Storage Industry Conference will be held at the Santa Clara Convention Center in Santa Clara, CA. Make sure you don’t miss the opportunity to network with leading technologists and thought leaders from the mass storage community!

  • ASTC Fall Review: for ASTC members, this 1.5 day event will bring together dozens of the world’s preeminent academics and industry technologists to review advanced research projects funded by ASTC.
  • DISKCON USA 2011, the 25th Anniversary and Storage Industry Conference: This landmark 25th anniversary event is home for top supply chain companies to exhibit their products and services. The Conference is the top HDD storage event of the year, featuring speakers from prominent HDD companies, head and media suppliers, equipment vendors, and Wall Street and HDD industry analysts. A non-member summary of ASTC’s activities, including the organization’s technology roadmap initiative, will be included.
  • More details to come– watch for further information on speaker names and topics!

Follow this link to register.

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