DISKCON USA 2011 Agenda

Last updated on September 23, 2011


All DISKCON Conference Sessions take place at the Santa Clara Convention Center, Theater (2nd Floor)


SESSION 1A: Magnetic Recording, The Next Generation

This session will cover near term challenges to maintaining the areal density growth necessary to provide advanced HDD products over the next few years. Presentations will focus on the storage landscape, extension of planar perpendicular recording, and drive level solutions.
Chairman: Dr. Michael Russak, Executive Vice President, Intevac

  • Wayne T. Rickard, Senior Executive, MMI: “The Storage Landscape is Changing, But Into What?”
  • Dr. Kenneth Johnson, Global Director, Hitachi GST: “Extending PMR Media to 1 Tb/IN2”
  • Hitoshi Iwasaki, Chief Specialist, Toshiba Corp.: "High-Sensitive Reader Using Nanocontact MR"
  • Nick Granger-Brown, Xyratex Technology: “Helium: Gas Filling and Extraction during HDD Manufacturing Process”
  • Dr. Roger Wood, IEEE Fellow, Hitachi GST: "Shingled Writing and Two-Dimensional Magnetic Recording"
  • Dr. Jonathan Coker, Hitachi GST: "Algorithms for SMR Drives"

SESSION 1B: Touching the Future of Magnetic Recording

Session 1B takes a longer term view on sustaining the areal density growth rate for the HDD industry with emphasis on patterned recording, enabling technologies and advanced metrology techniques.
Chairman: Dr. Thomas Coughlin, President, Coughlin Associates


  • Paul Hofeman, Molecular Imprints, Inc.
  • Dr. Thomas R. Albrecht, Research Project Leader, HGST: "Bit Patterned Media: Getting Around the Challenges of Granular Media"
  • Dr. Michael Russak, Executive Vice President, Intevac: "Advanced Technology and Cost Reduction Elements for High Throughput Disk Manufacturing"
  • Dr. Chanmin Su, AFM Business Unit, Bruker-Nano, Inc.: “Matching Challenges of HDD Roadmap with Scanning Probe Based Metrology”
  • ASTC Summary Presentation


SESSION 2 – Evaluating the HDD Market: The Analysts Speak
Chairman: John Rydning, Research Vice President, IDC


  • Dr. Thomas Coughlin, President, Coughlin Associates: "In the Cloud or Near Ourselves: The Future of Computer Storage"
  • John Rydning, Research Vice President, IDC: "Creative Destruction in Action: The Changing Landscape for HDD and Solid State Storage"
  • John Chen, Senior Director of HDD, TRENDFOCUS
  • Jeff Janukowicz, Research Director, IDC

Lunch – SCCC Mission City Ballroom

SESSION 3 – Sustaining Areal Density Growth

Chairman: Dr. Peter Goglia, Sr. Vice President & CTO, Xyratex Technology


  • Dr. Devon Johnson, Xyratex Technology: "Enhanced Optical AOI and Media Test Technologies"
  • Dr. Peter Goglia, Sr. Vice President & CTO, Xyratex Technology: "Efficient HDD Head Manufacturing through Automation and Metrological Solutions"
  • Mike Fitzpatrick, Engineering Fellow, Enterprise Marketing, Toshiba America: "A Side Effect of Increased Areal Density, Handling the Data Rate"
  • Matthew Roman, Engineering Manager, Electro Static Technologies: "Static Charge Protection Through Micro Fiber Technology"
  • Dr. Nelson W. Sorbo, Cool Clean Technologies: "C02-Based Clean Manufacturing Technology Solutions for HDD Manufacturing"

1-1/2 Conference - Member: $550.00, Non-Member: $625.00
1 day conference (either day) - Member: $315.00, Non-Member: $375.00
Keynote Dinner - Member: $155.00, Non-Member: $205.00
ASTC Review - Members only: $150.00
ASTC Review/DISKCON Conference - Members only: $625.00

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