Privileges of IDEMA Membership

Leadership Opportunities

IDEMA members have the unique opportunity to personally shape the direction of the dynamic disk drive industry by assuming leadership positions within IDEMA. Volunteers are the backbone of IDEMA projects and committees. These committees make decisions on standards, event topics, speakers and publication content. IDEMA members have leadership roles in the following association activities.

Association Voting

Participation in annual IDEMA elections of the Global Board of Directors ensures that IDEMA members lead the direction of the association. Voting rights are also extended on Standards activities.


Membership in the Advanced Storage Technology Consortium (ASTC) is only open to IDEMA members.

Technical Standards and Collaboration

Since the 1980’s IDEMA has set all of the important technical standards now in use in the disk drive industry.  IDEMA is currently facilitating the broader use of disk drives in consumer applications by standardizing many elements of disk drive performance and reliability.

IDEMA’s role is to facilitate and lead the pre-competitive cooperation of industry players to reduce overall product cost and to improve efficiencies. IDEMA is spearheading profound work in addressing business practices in the distribution channel. From industry terminology to distribution compliance and JIT strategies, IDEMA’s Commercial Standards are helping the industry optimize commercial efficiency.

IDEMA members are selected as Standards committee chairpersons and only IDEMA members have voting privileges within each committee.

Speaking Opportunities at IDEMA events

IDEMA members are invited to speak at more than 50 industry events throughout the world.  These high profile events educate the disk drive industry about current magnetic and optical recording technologies, and issues facing the disk drive industry. Conference and session chairmanships are available only to IDEMA members.

Industry Visibility

IDEMA offers a wide variety of affordable, high-impact marketing and networking opportunities to help members gain valuable exposure throughout the worldwide disk drive community. IDEMA also provides member companies unique and innovative sponsorship opportunities that reach and influence the industry’s key decision-makers.

IDEMA Membership Directory

The IDEMA Membership Directory, the “Who’s Who” of data storage companies, is located on the IDEMA web site and is constantly being updated to provide the most up-to-the-minute information regarding every company listed. Storage professionals use the directory to identify potential customers, determine suppliers as well as to search for corporate contact information. The directory lists more than 400 storage equipment and drive manufacturers worldwide, and features an alphabetical as well as a product category search capability. IDEMA members receive a free company listing in the on-line directory, which includes names, locations and contact information as well as a description of the company’s product offerings.  IDEMA members listed in the directory may also add a link to their corporate web site, or purchase banner and logo advertising on the directory pages of the IDEMA web site.

Chairing Committees and Conferences

Only IDEMA members are eligible to chair committees in Standards and Events, as well as conferences and sessions within those events. This is a unique tool to position you and your member company as a key contributor to the industry.

Corporate Sponsorship Opportunities

IDEMA corporate sponsorships provide participating member companies with a cost-effective way to get maximum exposure for their marketing dollars.  IDEMA offers various levels of global or regional sponsorships to help member companies reach their target audience.  IDEMA sponsors receive invaluable exposure at all IDEMA events around the globe on an annual basis, in addition to banner ads and logo placement on the IDEMA web site.

Member Discounts on IDEMA programs and events

IDEMA members receive up to 40% discounts on all IDEMA events including DISKCON shows in Asia-Pacific and the United States, and Information Storage Week in Japan. Member companies who exhibit at these events receive a substantial discount on their booth fees. Discounts are also extended to member companies on purchases of IDEMA publications such as conference and symposia proceedings. These substantial discounts often cover the cost of IDEMA membership dues, depending on the number of corporate member employees attending IDEMA events.

Full IDEMA Web site Access

The IDEMA web site serves as the industry resource for IDEMA members and disk drive professionals worldwide. The revamped site features the IDEMA membership directory, industry news, a calendar of global events, and details of all IDEMA events and activities. IDEMA members can access approved industry standards, technical white papers, executive interviews and current industry data in the “Members only” section of the site.  IDEMA members can also post new product announcements and press releases on the web site.

IDEMA Events

IDEMA organizes over 50 events every year that include “best-in-class” trade shows, technical symposia and conferences along with regional networking events such as Dinner Events, Quarterly Seminars and Breakfast Talks, Member Nights, Breakfast with the Analysts, and educational classes. Thousands of people from around the globe attend these functions to understand the latest in disk drive technology and market trends as well as to network with other industry players and exchange views.