The International Disk Drive Equipment and Materials Association (IDEMA) is an international trade organization that represents the $35 billion disk drive industry. Founded in 1986, IDEMA is a volunteer-based group that serves as the voice of the disk drive industry and provides more than 200 corporate, university and individual member companies and thousands of industry personnel worldwide with trade shows, technical conferences, symposia, education classes, networking events, and an active international Standards program. Buy DNP Online Australia

IDEMA Mission Statement casino malaysia
IDEMA is the disk drive industry's forum for proactive collaboration and leadership, which improves the health and capabilities of the industry. IDEMA's mission is to add value to all levels of the Hard Disk Drive (HDD) and Solid-State Drive (SSD) supply chains by: online casino singapore

  • Setting industry technology standards and benchmarks joker123
  • Building and operating a pre-competitive commercial standards program
  • Communicating, both within the industry and externally, key elements of the HDD and SSD markets
  • Hosting "best-in-class" trade shows, education, symposia, and conferences
  • Offering unique networking opportunities for all industry participants

One Association, Two Regions
IDEMA consists of two operating subsidiaries in the USA and Japan. The global orientation maximizes operating efficiencies and unifies communication themes. Regional groups tailor global strategies to their respective country's business practices. Three boards of directors, comprised of top disk drive industry leaders, direct IDEMA's strategy and programs while the IDEMA Executive Advisory Council provides high-level direction.

Who are IDEMA Members?
IDEMA Corporate members are the companies that comprise the supply chain and customer base of the vibrant disk drive industry and market, including the designers and manufacturers of disk drives, heads, media, substrate, process and test equipment, materials and other parts used in data storage devices. All employees of IDEMA Corporate member companies are entitled to full IDEMA member benefits including discounts of conferences, symposia, education classes, literature DISKCON trade shows and all other IDEMA activities offered worldwide.

University and individual memberships are also available. University members are those universities involved in disk drive-related research while individual membership is available to consultants and individuals not currently working for a disk drive company.

IDEMA and the Data Storage Industry
There have been remarkable advancements in the data storage industry over the past 50 years; shrinking drives, growing storage densities, increasing applications, diminishing prices, and merging manufacturers. The prevailing constant over the past five decades has been preserving profitability through technological advancements and cost effective manufacturing. The challenge for the coming decades is implementing the emerging sophisticated technology that will enable our industry to deliver what the market demands at a cost that enables continued growth and prosperity.

Today, hard disk drives are the preferred storage solution for the data-gobbling desktop, while flash meets the rugged demands of portable consumer electronics. But, as we require PC storage to become ultra mobile, lightweight and more power savvy, storage manufacturers have found the perfect marriage in HDD and SSD with the Hybrid drive. Meeting the continued call for a 40% annual growth in storage capacity packed into smaller form factors with smaller price points can only be achieved with the development of promising new technology. Hard drive engineers are perfecting bit patterned media, discrete track recording, and heat assisted recording. Solid state drive companies are working to reduce line widths and introduce new technologies such as phase change and carbon nano tubes.

The International Disk Drive and Equipment Materials Association (IDEMA) is the conduit of information that enables the storage industry to thrive. Through technical symposia, distinguished speakers, global trade shows, and standards committees the industrys manufacturers and suppliers can discover how their companies can adapt to the changing roadmap of data storage technology.

Market experts predict that the data storage industry will continue with double-digit growth for the next few years. It is IDEMA's goal to provide value and leadership to enable that growth by:

  • Communicating current information regarding the storage industry both within the industry and to external sources;
  • Connecting the investment and financial world with storage industry companies and their executives;
  • Hosting prominent trade shows, technical symposia, educational programs, and conferences;
  • Setting industry technical standards and benchmarks.

IDEMA can receive mail at:
PO Box 8196
San Jose, CA 95155-8196
Tel: +1-530-434-6933