DISKCON Keynote Address: Top Technologists in Audience-Driven Panel Discussion

What do you want to know about the future of HDD areal density growth? Four of the HDD industry’s leading technologists will comprise a panel driven exclusively by audience questions around DISKCON USA 2011’s theme: “Retaining the Areal Density Advantage.”
The audience might ask: when will HAMR and bit-patterned media will move into mass production; what roles will “hybrid” HDDs shingle magnetic recording (SMR) play and what are the key challenges to cost-effective mass production; can the HDD industry effectively collaborate on core technology problems; and how can HDDs be designed for added performance, speed and reliability without sacrificing capacity improvements.
The distinguished panel will be:

  • Dr. Bill Cain, Vice President, Technology, Western Digital Corporation
  • Dr. Currie Munce, Vice President, R&D, Hitachi GST
  • Dr. Mark Re, Sr. Vice President, Recording Media and Heads R&D, Seagate Technology
  • Dr. Pantas Sutardja, Exec. Vice President, CTO, Marvell Semiconductor

Wednesday, October 19, cocktails at 6pm, dinner at 7pm – there is limited seating so make your reservation now.

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