DISKCON Conference Session One: Future Magnetic Recording Technologies & ASTC Summary

At DISKCON, top technologists from Hitachi GST, Toshiba, Intevac, MMI, Bruker-Nano, Xyratex, and TTi will lay out the future challenges facing magnetic recording. A “who’s who” list of technology leaders will make this two-part session invaluable for attendees searching for future technology data.

Session 1a, “Magnetic Recording, The Next Generation,” will feature papers on shingle magnetic recording (SMR) and other topics. Session 1b, “Touching the Future of Magnetic Recording,” will explore stretching conventional media beyond 1Tbit, process and test tooling, and other important areas.

The session will be capped off by a presentation from the Advanced Storage Technology Consortium (ASTC), the HDD industry’s pro-competitive research collaboration. Get a first-hand view of how ASTC is driving research initiatives that will result in the continued development and expansion of HDD recording technologies.

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