Cancellation of Symposiums in December

Dear Colleague,

With regret we wish to advise you that IDEMA must cancel its December symposium series due to the flooding in Thailand and the enormous impact on the HDD supply chain. While we remain confident in the industry’s ability to recover from the recent events, we note that virtually all employees of the companies in our industry are heavily engaged in remedial activities that a symposium would likely serve as a distraction rather than a contribution.

We are very grateful to you for your commitment to help us field another great program in this long standing series. Please note that you will be the first invitees to our DISKCON series which we will schedule in February or March. We will soon have more information to come on our planning for that event. We hope that it will be an event where we can gather and celebrate another demonstration of the resiliency and resolve of our industry and the very talented people in it.

Thanks again,

Gary N. Davis

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