Innovative Organics, Inc. (Saint-Gobain Grains & Powders, Surface Conditioning Group)

4905 E Hunter Avenue
Anaheim, CA 92807 USA
Phone: 714-701-3900
Fax: 714-701-3912
Company Executives:General Manager: Robert E. Futrell
Director, R&D: Douglas E. Ward
Sales Manager: James Millar
Disc Drive Products: Robert Futrell
Head Products: Rosman Daud
Year Established: 1990
Number of Employees: 25
Primary Business: Manufacturing
Interests: ISO 9001:2000 Quality System Certified. Developer and manufacturer of specialty chemical and abrasive products for the critical surface finishing and cleaning of PMR and GMR magnetic recording heads and rigid memory disks. Products include high purity oil and water-based coolants, lubricants, diamond abrasive slurries, colloidal alumina and silica slurries and cleaners. The materials are used in critical finishing processes such as magnetic head row bar lapping/polishing, eutectic alloy plate charging for "kiss", crown lapping/polishing, chemo-mechanical polishing (CMP) of patterned AlTiC "head" wafers, chemo-mechanical polishing (CMP) of NiP magnetic layers on aluminum and glass rigid disks and disk texturing. Specialty cleaners with corrosion inhibition are offered to remove trace process debris and process chemistry. The company fosters a collaborative approach to product development with customers leading to proprietary formulations for application-specific processes. Consumable Materials

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