DISKCON USA Conference: Market Analysts To Cover Future of HDDs, SSDs, PCs

DISKCON USA’s Storage Industry Conference features the top storage analysts, who will cover all key aspects of the dynamic storage industry. Everyone, from supply chain players to executives of leading HDD and component companies, will benefit from the sharp insights and market forecasts jurassic park operation genesis kostenlos vollversionen. Questions to be addressed are: How is HDD demand for the balance of 2011 and for next year? Will hybrid drives become more common and why, or will dual-storage platforms win the day downloaden via forum? How are tablets affecting PC (and HDD) demand, and will the Ultrabook platform be good news for the HDD business? Is cloud storage an opportunity or threat herunterladen?

Speakers include:

  • John Ryndning, IDC
  • John Chen, TRENDFOCUS
  • Tom Coughlin, Coughlin Associates
  • Jeff Janukowicz, IDC

Deadline approaching fast — Sign up now outlook 2003 nur kopfzeilen herunterladen. DISKCON USA and the Storage Industry Conference are next week, October 19-20.

Aim High

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