Technology Now & Then Exhibit

The Technology Now & Then exhibit at DISKCON 2011 will feature an IBM 305 RAMAC on loan from Hitachi GST, as well as old drives and new product from Toshiba, Hitachi GST, and Western Digital.   The RAMAC, with it's "5 million characters magnetically recorded on 50 disks, revolving twelve hundred times a minute" was the first step in magnetic recording in 1956.

See how RAMAC was advertised

Searching San Jose, The Story of RAMAC

Celebrating 25 Years

Reduced Price for IDEMA Members

As part of our celebration of 25 Years of DISKCON, we're reducing the price of attendance for IDEMA Members to the early bird rates. Register for the keynote dinner ($125) or the full conference ($475) now.

Keynote Dinner

Bring Your Questions

Four of the HDD industry’s leading technologists, Dr. Bill Cain, Dr. Currie Munce, Dr. Mark Re, and Dr. Pantas Sutardja will comprise a panel driven exclusively by audience questions around DISKCON USA 2011’s theme: “Retaining the Areal Density Advantage.”

But that doesn't mean you can't ask Mark Re, "Why can't Mendenhall get a first down?" So whatever your pressing questions, bring them to the keynote dinner on Oct. 19th.

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