Advanced Format Logo Overview

The AF Logo Program was created by IDEMA and the Advanced Format Marketing Work Group to easily identify hard disk drives that employ long sector, AF technologies. While usage of the logo is optional, AF logos may be seen populating hard drive product labels, product pages and various literature to indicate the usage of AF technologies versus legacy sector size architectures that were used in earlier drives.

The AF emulation logo has one rounded corner and is used on any client or enterprise hard drive which is equipped with industry-standard emulation techniques. AF 512e is the current standard by which downward compatibility with legacy sector formats is achieved.

The AF native logo identifies the presence of AF native technologies, where data using long data sector format standards is both recorded on the drive and passed to the host in the AF format. Unlike AF emulation, there is no modification of the sector size by which the data is processed or communicated to the host.

Look for the following AF Logo indicators on Advanced Format client and enterprise hard disk drives, web pages and product literature.

Advanced Format Emulation Logos

Advanced Format Native Logos

Learn about the process used to choose the AF Native Logo (6 downloads) .