IDEMA Celebrates 25 Years of Continued Service and Support to the Hard Drive Industry

Driven by a real density doubling every two to four years since their invention, HDDs have changed in many ways, a few highlights include:

  • Capacity per HDD increasing from 3.75 megabytes to greater than 1 terabyte, a greater than 270-thousand-to-1 improvement.
  • Size of HDD decreasing from 87.9 cubic feet (a double wide refrigerator) to 0.002 cubic feet (2½-inch form factor, a pack of cards), a greater than 44-thousand-to-1 improvement.
  • Price decreasing from about $15,000 per megabyte to less than $0.0001 per megabyte ($100/1 terabyte), a greater than 150-million-to-1 improvement.[1]
  • Average access time decreasing from greater than 0.1 second to a few thousandths of a second, a greater than 40-to-1 improvement.
  • Market application expanding from general purpose computers to most computing applications including consumer applications.

For the last twenty-five years, we have been privileged to provide IDEMA members with:

  • A common voice for the hard drive industry
  • World-class conferences
  • An active standard’s body
  • Speaker and industry forums

Join us for the 25th DISKCON USA.

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