ASTC Partner Quotes

Hitachi GST
“Hitachi has a strong R&D heritage and track record of delivering new recording
technologies that enable next-generation areal density growth,” said Currie Munce, vice
president of Worldwide Research at Hitachi GST. “Through this collaboration, we look
forward to conducting joint research and setting standards in the supply chain, which are
mutually beneficial to all -- resulting in faster transition results, lower overall costs, and a
clearer return on investment.”
Texas Instruments
“The Advanced Storage Technology Consortium's collaborative approach will drive
new advancements to address the evolving demands for storage technology and define
the roadmap for the industry,” said Jorge Salhuana, general manager of TI's Storage
Products business unit. “With more than 20 years of experience providing integrated
circuits for commercial and consumer storage products, Texas Instruments looks forward
to contributing to this significant initiative.”
Robert P. Oates, Executive Vice President of Veeco’s Data Storage business,
commented, “Achieving critical technological advancements for next-generation hard
disk drives will require joint collaboration on key research initiatives among the
industry’s top talent, and Veeco is pleased to be a founding member of this ground-
breaking consortium.”
“The ASTC aligns the industry’s supply chain towards a common roadmap for future
hard drive technology. This would benefit our customers by helping to enable more
effective technology transitions to meet consumer demand for storage capacity,” said
William Cain, Phd., WD’s vice president of technology.
"Xyratex has a keen focus on technology development and as such is investing in the
future of the storage business,"  said Peter Goglia, Ph.D.,  Senior Vice President and
Chief Technical Office of Xyratex Storage Infrastructure Division. "As a major supplier
of capital equipment to the HDD business, we see the launch of IDEMA’s ASTC as not
only a path for base technology development but a vehicle for developing a strong and
aligned supply base.  We are pleased to support our industry and participate on ASTC as
the founding member by providing the strategy and the technical support for the various
key technology enabling infrastructure needs."
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