DISKCON USA 2010 - Santa Clara, CA

September 9 & 10, 2010 - Conference and Tradeshow, Hyatt Regency, Santa Clara, CA

Keynote Dinner - September 9, 2010 - Santa Clara Convention Center, Ballrooms E&F, 6pm No Host Cocktails and 7pm Dinner

Announcing our Keynote Dinner Speaker - Clod Barrera, Distinguished Engineer and Chief Technical Strategist for IBM's Systems Storage, "The Innovator's Dream - Storage Systems in an Age of New Requirements and New Technology"


The DISKCON USA 2010 Conference

"Technology, Areal Density, and Innovation"

Innovation drives technology and technology enables the rapid growth of areal density that has made hard disk drives the home for much of the world’s digital storage. Continued survival of hard disk drives requires ceaseless innovation and investment by hard disk drive companies in the future as well as expansion into complementary storage technologies such as solid state storage. The 2010 DISKCON Storage Industry Conference explores the key innovations behind continuing development of hard disk drive components and metrology and the continuing development of hard disk drive architectures and testing. Keynotes by leading storage systems companies explore the opportunities and challenges faced by hard disk drives and other elements in the evolving digital storage hierarchy to support storage in the cloud, virtualization, deduplication and new models of storage tiering. The analyst session will explore the future profitability of digital storage products as well as the needed investments and expected return as the digital storage market continues its relentless growth. The Futures of Storage session looks at key technology developments that will drive continuing growth and innovation in hard disk drives as well as competing storage devices.

Thursday, September 9, 2010
Disk Drive Component Manufacturing & Metrology

This session delves into important changes in the design and manufacture of magnetic recording heads. These changes will occur in the design, manufacture and testing of heads at every step from wafer fabrication through the finished HGA. Manufacturing and test equipment enabling the upcoming revolution in magnetic head production will be explored and explained in this session including advanced write elements, read sensor development as well as on-line and metrology testing and data management to support process and yield improvements.

Heads and media are synergistic partners in product yield and areal density advances. In this session you will learn about the media requirements for today's advanced magnetic recording systems as well as find out about advanced processing tools and measurement equipment that will make 1 Tbpsi and higher recording possible. Come to this session to find out how these technologies will develop on glass as well as aluminum substrates and how processes and critical measurements differ because of unique substrate characteristics.

Chairman: Dr. Michael Russak, Executive Vice President, HDD Equipment Business, Intevac

Speakers include:
Dr. Donald Chernoff, President, Advanced Surface Microscopy, Inc.: Traceable Pitch Metrology: Supporting the Development of Patterned Media
Dr. Mohammad Kazemi, Senior Principal Engineer, Xyratex Technology Ltd.: Precision Substrate Cleaning
Dr. Andrei Brunfeld, Senior Scientist, Xyratex Technology Ltd.: Advanced Optical Inspection Techniques
Dr. Adrian Devasahayam, Senior Director of Technology, Veeco Instruments: Deposition Technologies for >500GB/in2 PMR and HAMR Write Heads
Pei Zou, Senior Manager of Market Development, FEI Company - Electronics Division: Effect of Measurement Precision on Yield of Perpendicular Pole Fabricated with Damascene Process
Dr. Jay Sasserath, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder, Intelligent Micro Patterning: Unique Microlithography Results Using Maskless Lithography
Dr. Michael Russak, Executive Vice President, HDD Equipment Business, Intevac: Patterned Media Etch Processing: A Manufacturing Approach

Thursday, September 9, 2010
1:15pmpm - 4:30pm
Disk Drive Assembly and Test

You need to know as soon as possible whether you have a problem on your drive line and you need to make sure that problems are caught in the factory and not in the field. This session explores the requirements and tools to enable advanced HDD back-end testing. Topics to be explored include: form factor differences in back end test; application back end testing differences as well as changes in back-end test for HAMR, patterned media and shingled write. Find out about developments in new tools and processes to improve your yields and catch problems that could impact your bottom line.

Chairman: Kong Son, Vice President Global Marketing, Xyratex Technology Ltd.

Speakers include:

Dr. Lutz Henckels, Business Development, Guzik Technical Enterprise:New Paradigm in Production Testing of Heads and Media for Hard Disk Drives
Michael Ajlouny, Flexstar Technology: Testing SSD's vs. HDD's: The Same But Different
Keith Brady, Principal Systems Engineer, Xyratex Technology Ltd.: STW Challenges to Achieve 1 MTPI
Dr.Peter Goglia, Xyratex Technology Ltd.: Modular Drive Process System Design for Optimal Factory Efficiency
Chris Bross, Senior Enterprise Engineer, DriveSavers Data Recovery, Inc.: Encryption Technologies: Securing Data. Restricting Recovery?
John Bertschy, Enterprise HDD Environmental Development, Hitachi GST: REACH Guideline

Friday, September 10, 2010
9:00am - 12:00noon
Market Analyst Session

Chairman: Dr. Jeff Burke, Executive Director-Market Research and Competitive Intelligence, Seagate Technology

Speakers include:

John Rydning, Research Director, Hard Disk Drives, IDC: Back to the Futures - Which One?
Dr. Tom Coughlin, Founder & President, Coughlin & Associates: Invest in New Technologies or Divest in Market Share: Hard Disk Drive and Component Companies Face a Critical Decision to Grow or Die
John Monroe,Research Vice President, Gartner: The New "Entitlement": Shifting Sands and "Rightful Shares" in the HDD Industry
John Chen, Senior Director of HDD & Component Research, TRENDFOCUS: The Need for Speed: The Role of Flash in Affordable, High Performance Client Storage
Edin Kim, CEO, Calypso Systems, Inc.: Calypso 2010 Blind Survey of SSD Performance

Friday, September 10, 2010
1:15pm - 4:30pm
Futures of Storage

5 years from now what will be the dominate digital storage technology? What key technology developments will enable hard disk drives to reach 2.5 Tbsi and beyond? What will happen with competing technologies such as flash memory, optical discs and magnetic tape? This session will give you a good feeling for the future of digital storage and particularly key developments that will shape tomorrow’s hard disk drives.

Chairman: Dr. Tom Coughlin, Founder & President, Coughlin Associates

Session Keynote Speaker: Roger Hoyt, Consultant: iNEMI Mass Data Storage Roadmap

Speakers include:

Dr.Tom Albrecht, Research Project Leader for Patterned Media, Hitachi GST: Bit Patterned Media: Technical Advantages and Comparison to Granular Media
Zhengmao Ye, Molecular Imprints: Towards High Volume Patterned Media Fabrication by Using Jet and Flash Imprint Lithography
Dr. Asao Nakano, Vice President, Rigaku Corporation: A New X-Ray CD-Metrology for Nanostructure BPM Patterns
Steven Hetzler, IBM
Dr. Akira Kikitsu, Manager Storage Materials and Devices Laboratory, Toshiba Corporation: Bit Patterned Media Using Directed Self-Assembled Mask Process for Areal Density Beyond 2.5 Tbpsi
Curtis Stevens, Standardization, Western Digital Corporation: Shingled Magnetic Recording
Dr. Timothy Klemmer, Research Staff Member, Media Research, Seagate Technology: HAMR Media: A Metallurgists's Perspective

Poster Session includes:

Esther Spanjer, Director, SSD Technical Marketing, SMART Modular Technologies: Enterprise SSD vs. Client SSD
Andy Higginbotham, Marketing Executive, PriceG2, Inc.: HDD: Areal Density and the Low Price Limbo
James B. Money, Founder, JMA: Battery Powered-Hermetically Sealed Mobile Storage


DISKCON USA Keynote Dinner, September 9, 2010, Hyatt Regency Hotel

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Technology for Youth Charity Golf Tournament, September 7, 2010 - Cinnabar Hills Golf Course, San Jose, CA

Join IDEMA and help underprivileged children by participating in the 15th Annual Technology for Youth Charity Golf Tournament at the Cinnabar Hills Golf Club, San Jose, CA on September 7, 2010. This annual charity event kicks off the DISKCON USA Trade Show and Conference, one of IDEMA's annual events. The tournament will be a scramble format with a shotgun start at 12:30pm. This year's tournament proceeds will go to Aim High, The mission of Aim High is to inspire a life-long love of learning and instill a sense of community, opportunity, and respect so that students are prepared for success in school and life. Visit www.aimhigh.org for more information.

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Advanced Surface Microscopy, Inc., Booth 125
Controlled Environments
Coughlin Associates, Booth 208
Flexstar Technology, Booth 308
GlideWrite, Booth 206
Hitachi High Technologies America, Booth 101
Hylax USA, Booth 202
Innovative Organics, Booth 103
Innovative Group, Booth 306
Intevac, Booth 309, 311
KLA-Tencor, Booth 119/121
Laurin Publishing, Booth 209
LeCroy Corporation, Booth 402
Lighthouse Worldwide Solutions, Booth 207
Magnecomp Precision Technology, Booth 210
Millennium Automation, Booth 203
Molecular Imprints, Booth 106, 108
Motion Control Systems, Inc., Booth 104
n&k Technology, Booth 107
Park Systems, Inc., Booth 303
Samsung Semiconductor, Inc., Booth 115, 117
Seagull Solutions, Inc., Booth 211
SemiWest-Dupont, Booth 310
ShinMaywa Industries, Ltd., Booth 302
TSI, Inc., Booth 123
Unist Technologies Corporation, Booth 205
Veeco Instruments, Inc., Booth 109, 111
Xyratex, Booth 102
Zeta Instruments, Booth 304
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Location Santa Clara, CA
Contact Name Trudy Gressley
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