IDEMA Thanks Western Digital

Western Digital is one of DISKCON’s top sponsors, and a supporter of IDEMA throughout the year. As an active member of the Advanced Storage Technology Consortium (ASTC), Western Digital is on the forefront of pro-competitive joint R&D efforts that will propel the disk drive industry forward real racing 3 download all content.

Many employees of Western Digital have likewise supported IDEMA throughout the year. To name but two:

  • Rich Rutledge is a member of the executive council of IDEMA’s Global Board of Directors and has been a huge supporter of IDEMA’s standards efforts, particularly Advanced Format and Shingle Magnetic Recording granny herunterladen handy.
  • Curtis Stevens, Director of Standards & Features Technology at WD has been a steady volunteer in recent years. Currently he is the Chairperson of the Magnetic Recording Work Group, and will be speaking to the question “Advanced Format in Legacy Infrastructures – Disruptive or Transparent?” at the Storage Developer’s Conference in Santa Clara, California on Wednesday at 3:05 PM office goethe uni herunterladen.

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