New Paradigm in Production Testing of Heads and Media for Hard Disk Drives

by Dr. Lutz Henckels

Today’s test systems are using analog measurement technologies to do parametric testing of heads and media such as rise and fall times, pulse width measurements, signal-to-noise ratio tests, and amplitude measurements open office kostenlos hausverwaltung. The main reasons for this fact are throughput and costs. For more complex tests such as jitter tests or media-noise analysis, digital oscilloscopes are used herunterladen. The advantages of the oscilloscope are (1) its complex analysis capability, (2) its higher accuracy, (3) it can store and transfer the acquired data to a computer for analysis herunterladen. But scopes do not provide answers in real time as required by production and therefore are confined mostly to the R&D labs.

Under the new paradigm shift a high performance digitizer with 32 Giga-points of memory, 36GS/sec sample rate, and 12.5GHz bandwidth is combined with vast processing power including:

  • Four FPGAs achieving parametric processing speed of 7.2 GSample/s
  • High speed data transfer of 9.6GByte/s (24 PCI-Express Gen-2 lanes)
  • Powerful 12-core computers
  • Multiple GPU processor cards with up to 960 cores working in parallel
  • This combination achieves real time parametric measurements and can perform sophisticated analysis orders of magnitude faster than a scope vtech mobigo spelletjesen. More so, this system can accommodate future technology shifts to higher data rates and new technologies, and can benefit from computer technology advances thereby avoiding replacement and obsolescence stimmenverzerrer herunterladen.

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