Unique Microlithography Results Using Maskless Lithography

by Jay Sasserath

Maskless lithography systems have been available for decades, with their primary system, based on a DMD mirror array, has been developed and provides distinctive capabilities to the thin film device fabrication market youtube videosen wie geht das. These capabilities include providing over 200 levels of greyscale lithography, allowing the user to fabricate large area devices and provide highly controllable sloped sidewalls on photoresist herunterladen. Additionally, the large working distance resulting from the system’s distinctive optical design provides for curved and non-flat device processing, with lithographic patterns as deep as 0.25 inches being routinely fabricated using standard lithographic processes and materials free virus protection. All of these results are obtaine at high throughput levals, allowing for cost effective device fabrication. Examples of these will be presented, as well as an overview on the system design music download program for mac for free.

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